A downloadable Chainmonsters

Chainmonsters is a massive multiplayer online RPG where you catch, battle, trade, explore, and combine different types of monsters and abilities to create your own style of play. No game subscription required. Explore the vast lands of Ancora together with your friends on Steam, iOS and Android!

Key Features

Massive Multiplayer allows you to join your friends on an epic journey and complete quests and dungeons together.

Cross-Platform Play across Steam, iOS and Android.

Catch over 135 unique Chainmons with diverse traits, types and abilities. Combine into multiple Squads for various occassions.

Story-based campaign. Join the N-Corp agents and discover the mysterious disease that is affecting Chainmons across the land.

Dungeons and Raids challenge those that are eager to dive deep into the world and defeat special Raid bosses.

Dynamic day/night cycle not only alters the visuals but also has gameplay effects.